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1.What means Nardegaist ?

”Nardegaist” is taken from the gotlandic language and it means ”(a cold) northern wind”.

2.How long have you been as a band?

Nardegaist started out 2 years ago as a duo, but along the way it has grown into a full orchestra of five. For the last year we has been a dedicated group working with the songs for recording and preforming live.

3.How long did it take to make this album?

The songs for this album were composed during 2016, and in Mars of 2017 we entered the studio for recording drums. During the year we recorded the other instruments when we and the studio had some time to spare. The mixing was done at the beginning of December. So it’s been a long journey.

4.What are your inspirations in writing texts and music?

When it comes to the lyrics we get inspiration mostly from old tales and folklore from our home island, Gotland. That is natural since our lyrics are in gotlandic. Gottberg is a well known historical person over here. He is said to have lured ships ashore and killed the sailors in his barn. He made a living from stealing the ships cargo. Haugklint is a cliff on Gotland from which many people use to end their lives. Also we get inspiration from other dark matters that aren’t connected to our heritage. About the music it’s a wide range of artists and styles that are our inspirations. We have all been in other band playing different kinds of metal. Looking at the structure of the riffs and songs we are more of an old school black metal band.

5.Where can we see you live soon?

We are making our live debut on the 16 of Mars in Visby together with a couple of rock bands. It’s going to be great! Until now there is only one person that has seen us play live in the rehearsing studio.

6.What do you mean to the world through your music?

We are into music just to get rid off the darkness that lurks in our minds. If some people like our music, well we don’t have a problem with that. We don’t think that our music will change the work. The world is doomed anyways.

7.With which bands would you like to play on one scene?

The only band we would like to have on our scene is Nеrdegaist.

8.Why are Scandinavian countries the pioneers in creating this style of metal music?

image That is a hard question to answer. Maybe it is because of the climate. The dark cold winters are challanging for many people. It might be because of the mentality. Nordic countries have a tradition not to talk about the struggle of life, making music might be a way of expressing the inner turmoil. Maybe it’s just because of tradition. Many of the early black metal (and death metal) bands was from Scandinavia, so they might have been an inspiration to newer bands. It could also be because the music industry is focused on different areas when scouting artists to sign to their labels. Their are loads of bands from all over the world playing black metal, so are Scandinavian countries really pioneers? The Polish scene is boiling. So is the American. And the same can be said about many other countries. Black metal is so closely linked to human suffering so there should be more black metal bands everywhere.

Nardegaist upcoming album will be released on Monday,January 29.




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