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Постингът е бил сред най-популярни в категория в Blog.bg

RE: CONFIDENTIAL INVESTMENT AND BUSINESS INQUIRY My dear friend greetings, I"m Arthur Morgan from London here in England. I apologize for contacting you by email instead of the conventional and certified post-mail due to the urgency of this letter. I think the fastest way to reach you is via your email address. Although we have not met before, but I got your contact from your country"s professional and business directory and after inquiries, I decided to reach you directly based on recommendation that you are a trustworthy and hardworking person. I have also carefully studied your country’s investment opportunities,infrastructures, political stability, friendly and secure economic and financial policies and the hospitality of your people and I am optimistic that we will have a successful and confidential business relationship in your country. I want to relocate my family to your country and confidentially invest the sum of Six million, Five Hundred Thousand Pounds Sterling through you in long-term under your management and into viable, low risk and profitable business which you shall recommend to me that can give at least 15% annual returns on investment (ROI) Due to my urgent need to relocate my family to your country, I want to know if you could assist me and find a good home preferably (a five bedroom waterfront property) for my immediate purchase and relocate asap. You will agree with me that this requires mutual trust, faith and understanding which are also the foundation for all business engagements. You will be my investment manager and partner and it is going to be a joint business between both of us after we reach an understanding. I also want to know if part of the fund can be invested directly into your own establishment if your by-law allows foreign direct investment. I prefer investment in the areas ! of real estate, hotel and tourism, agriculture, healthcare, stocks or any profit yielding business that you can recommend and I will rely on your own advice since you are in the best position to advice the areas to invest profitably. I want to give you 4% of the investment capital if you can honestly cooperate with me to achieve this project soon. I am aware that certain persons circulate bogus business proposals especially on internet which you may have received a similar one and makes it a bit difficult to establish trust. This is indeed regrettable. I assure you that I am not part of it as I have my hard earned name, reputation and integrity to protect. Let me also assure you that my contact with you is for genuine business relationship that would benefit both of us immensely and certainly not just a hoax that exist on internet. It is 100% safe, risk free and legal and will be executed under a legitimate arrangement that will protect you from any breach of the law bot! h in your country and here in the United Kingdom. If you do no! t want t o work with me, please delete this letter and I will not contact you again and you should not presume that this is a hoax. But If you believe we can work together to successfully achieve this project, ,please let me know your thinking immediately, your interest to partner with me, your questions if any, your conditions for this project and detail of profitable area(s) where we can invest this fund in your country so that I can provide details of this project and how we can proceed to achieve the deal. Let me also know if it is possible to get the money back in the next 9 to 11 years while the investment is in progress. Reply via arthurmorganinvestmentsukltd@gmail.com (or) arthurmorganinvestmentsuklimited@yahoo.com My contact Tel: +447031969931, Mobile: +447031914538. Feel free to seek any clarification in your return letter and also indicate your secured telephone and fax numbers for easy communication. -------------------------------------- NB: Please if you received this letter in your spam or junk folder, It might be due to network connection error in your area. Kindly return to your in-box and reply immediately


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